Liz Tukey riding Devin - Fall 2012



Elizabeth (Liz) Tukey

Elizabeth A. (Liz) Tukey has a BA in Education from Washington State University.  Liz is a Certified USEA/ICP Level II Instructor, a USPC National Examiner and a US Pony Club Graduate B.  She has evented in the Northwest and Canada through the Preliminary level and has been very fortunate to receive classical instruction from many teachers:

  • Martin Plewa (former German national Three-Day Event Coach, Director of the Riding School of Westfalia, Germany),
  • Eckart Meyners (Professor of Sports Physiology and Body Movement, University in Luneburg, Germany),
  • Jeremy Beale,
  • Christiane Borchert,
  • Derek DiGrazia,
  • Kevin Freeman,
  • Jim Graham,
  • Ralph Hill,
  • Stephan Kiesewetter,
  • Capt. Mark Phillips,
  • Brian Sabo,
  • Dr. Zoltan Sztehlo,
  • Dietrich Von Hopfgarten,
  • Jimmy Wofford, and
  • Elizabeth Tukey (her Mentor, Teacher, and Mother).

Liz continues her professional development by participating in USDF and USEA ICP dressage, cross country, and jumping seminars and clinics.  She has trained numerous times in Germany taking intensive instruction at The Riding School of Westfalia, University of Luneberg and the International Academy of Equestrian Studies in Warendorf.  Professional Development content covered dressage, jumping, riding theory, position, sports physiology, and body movement. 

  • Liz has several students that have successfully competed in the North American Continental Young Riders Championships (CCI**) and the American Eventing Championships (CIC* and Training).  She also taught horsemanship, dressage, jumping, eventing, military drill, and polo for four years at Culver Military Academy.  Liz served on the USPC National Instructional and RIC Committees for 10 years and was the Regional Instructional Coordinator for two USPC regions for eight years.  Additionally, she has been a co-organizer of Horse Trials in Idaho (10 years) and Colorado (three years), plus served as the Cross Country co-organizer for the NAYRC and Three-Day Events at the Colorado Horse Park for five years. 

Liz recently relocated to the Northwest from Colorado where she maintained a rigorous clinic schedule in Montana, Washington and Idaho.  Liz now lives in Snohomish, Washington and trains out of her own lovely facility.

Liz’s Philosophy on Riding and Learning
Liz teaches riders of all ages on a variety of horses.  Her only participation criterion is a desire to learn.  She tries to ensure each lesson is a fun, positive, and educational learning experience.

Liz’s lessons are based on the Classical Riding Theory and the Training Scale (Rhythm, Suppleness, Connection, Implusion, Straightness, Collection).  Their fundamental purpose is to develop, through standardized progressive training methods, a horse's natural athletic ability and willingness to perform, thereby maximizing its potential as a riding horse.

Rates for lessons are divided into two sections:
  • Lessons in the Seattle area, which includes lessons at either the Cedar Ridge Equestrian facility or Off-site in the Redmond/Snohomish area
  • Lessons in Clinics held in Eastern Washington

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Cedar Ridge Equestrian
Fees and Rates
Elizabeth (Liz) Tukey, Snohomish
Lessons at Cedar Ridge Equestrian
Adult Rates:
Pony Club Rates:
$ 50/Private 45 minute lesson

$ 40/Private 45 minute lesson

$ 30/Semi-Private 60 minute lesson

$ 25/ Semi-Private 60 minute lesson

$ 10/Haul-in fee – additional charge

$ 10/Haul-in fee – additional charge


Lessons Redmond / Snohomish – Off-Site
Pony Club Rates
  • Private 45 minute lesson
$ 50/Rider
  • Semi-Private 60 minute lesson
$ 35/Rider
  • Group Jump/Dressage lesson (4 Riders) 90 Min.
$ 35/Rider


Adult Rates

  • Private 45 minute lesson
$ 70/Rider
  • Semi-Private 60 minute lesson
$ 40/Rider
  • Group Jump/Dressage lesson (4 Riders) 90 Min.
$ 35/Rider


Coaching at Competitions
  • Adult Rider
$ 75/Day
  • Pony Clubber
$ 50/Day


Cedar Ridge Equestrian Facilities:
  • 12” x 12” rubber matted stalls, Gravel paddocks
  • 120’ x 250’ Outdoor Arena with quality sand footing
  • Arena groomed and watered regularly
  • Wash Rack


  • Full Training – Horse will be trained 5 days/week by Liz

$ 350 plus board

  • 3/4 Training – Horse will be trained 4 days/week by Liz          

$ 300 plus board

  • Half Training – Horse will be trained 3 days/week by Liz         

$ 250 plus board

  • One Training Ride (45-60 minutes)

$ 30/Ride



Liz Tukey Rates for 2011
Lesson Rates
For Eastern Washington Clinics

Type of

Number of

Lesson Length

Non-Pony Club Rate

Pony Club


1 rider

45 Minutes

$ 75

$ 60


1 rider

60 minutes

$ 100

$ 80


2 riders

60 minutes

$ 50 each

$ 40

Group (jump/dressage)

3-4 riders

90 minutes

$ 40 each

$ 25

Lunge lesson

1 rider

30 minutes

$ 50

$ 40


Day Rate
(8 hours)

P, S/P, or groups

Total day
8 hours

$ 600 *
(+ expenses)

$ 500 *
(+ expenses)



2013 Clinic / Coaching Dates – Liz Tukey

March 1-3

Pullman (coming in Thursday night)

March 4-5


March 21-24

Moses Lake (not the 3rd weekend –Mark Phillips clinic at Tulip Springs)

April 4 (eve) -7


April 8-9


April 18-21

Moses Lake

May 2 (eve) - 5


May 6-7


May 10-12

Rainier – NW Equestrian Center Event

May 16-19

Family Wedding – VA  (EI Derby at WA State Horse Park

May 23-26

Moses Lake

May 30 (eve) -June 2


June 3-4


June 7-9

Aspen Farms Horse Trials

June 13-16

Moses Lake

June 21-23

Inavale Horse Trials

June 25/26

Move to Deary

June 27/28

Hopeful Prep?

June 28-29

Hopeful HT

June 30 – July 3

C Camp

July 4-7

Adult Camp - Deary

July 18-21

Moses Lake Clinic

August 1 (eve) - 4


August 5-6


August 9-11

Young Rider HT – Lincoln Creek

August 15-18

Moses Lake

August 23-24

Caber Farms HT

Aug 30 (eve) – Sept 1


Sept 2-3


Sept 6-8

Aspen HT

Sept 13-15

EI Derby @ WA ST Horse Park (also J. Wofford @ Tulip Springs)

Sept 19-22

Moses Lake

Oct 3 (eve) – Oct 6


Oct 7-8


Oct 17-20

Moses Lake

Oct 31 (eve) – Nov 3


Nov 4-5


Nov 14-17

Moses Lake


Shown below are photos of the facility.


4 Stall Barn
Round Corral
Arena view from Barn Area
Arena View from West End
View toward Barn across arena
Arena viewed from back corner
Looking across arena toward Barn area
Barn and Storage Shed next to Round Corral
Stall in Barn
Wash Rack

Client Photos Slide Show

Alece Jumping 2006 3



Testimonials From Clients / Students
  • "It’s a privilege to ride with Liz.  I’ve ridden with many instructors, most of whom were accomplished riders and successful competitors.  That describes Liz Tukey as well but, better than most, her simple directness in teaching is the gift she gives to her students.  Her style of teaching isn’t a style – she understands what each horse requires to move correctly and makes subtle changes in the rider to achieve it.  She strives for her students to excel and their achievements ARE her own success.  "She’s a teacher, a healer, a friend.  It’s about partnership, straightness & relaxation.  And sweat.  If you haven’t ridden with Liz yet, watch a lesson or two and feel your muscles respond in sync with the rider she’s working with.  You’ll come away with as much information about your own riding as the student in the ring and you’ll wish you had signed up for the whole week."  Sincerely, Betsy Merrell, Hamilton, MT

  • "Liz Tukey is my friend and hero. My daughter, Hannah, has taken lessons from Liz for nearly 14 years and she remains the instructor she can relate to and connect with. We have experienced Liz in camps, Pony Club and private lessons. She is always in control and creates a safe but challenging learning environment. When Hannah’s lessons are completed she enjoys and continues to learn by sitting next to Liz as she teaches others. Liz is equally effective with children and adults. She is able to adjust her lessons to the skill level of the student. I can honestly say Liz has never given Hannah a subpar lesson. Liz has taken a personal interest in Hannah and mentored her as a rider and as a young lady. She recognized Hannah’s talent very early and always pushed Hannah to realize her potential. As a parent, I always feel like I get more than my monies worth. How Liz is able to give 110% every day, every ride is remarkable. Anyone who is fortunate enough to be able to ride with Liz really needs to take advantage of the opportunity. You will never regret your choice. Liz will make your experience the very best it can be. She has for both Hannah and me!!" – Jim Swain, Billings, Montana

  • "Liz gives a hundred percent attention to the lesson she is conducting.  Her desire is always for the ‘good of the horse’.  She is Extremely safety oriented.  Each lesson is positive and structured to transform you into a better rider for your horse.  Talented teacher capable of explaining things in different ways so you really understand what is being asked of the rider/horse.  She is Very good about explaining the ‘why’ to her clients.  She knows horses; she is educated in classical training styles that help develop the horse properly." – Vangie Crago, Ephrata, WA

  • "You have a real gift for improving the biomechanics of the horse and rider!!" – Nancy Butler, Richland, WA

  • "I feel privileged to have been able to work with Liz.  Thank you for everything you have taught Elle and I. I wish you all the luck with your new adventure." – Patty Wald, Lodge Grass, Montana

  • "I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate ALL the help and all the knowledge and skill you have instilled in me. Watching (my husband) Rob ride so confidently on Banjo - completes the dream! He is really coming into his own. It has been a great year of growth for us all.  So I really understand your dream to ride again - you deserve to have it. We support you and appreciate you even more!" – Alice and Rob Burrows – Spokane, WA

  • "I remember being fearless on my horse as a youth. I would do just about anything then I grew up and became the mom of the fearless rider. Now I am 55 years old! I returned to riding a few years ago because I was afraid that if I didn’t do it then I never would. A good friend got me started on “Liz Lessons”- now I‘m hooked on them.  Liz has helped me gain the confidence I need while riding. I love the dressage lessons. I learn so much. She always listens to my questions and gives me the encouragement I need. I would recommend Liz Tukey to anyone looking for a top rate riding instructor."  - Donna Caraway, Moses Lake, WA

  • "I wanted to thank you for being such a great instructor. You have given me the confidence so that I can take my horse out to new places like that and not be afraid because I mostly have the skills to ride him with confidence. And as always, my #1 priority is to "stay mounted" and I did." – Donna Caraway, Moses Lake, WA

  • "Thank you again for taking the time to work with Diva and me. I know it was crazy and maybe dumb to bring her, but at the same time it was the key to turning our lives around. The fact that you took time to work with us, means the world to me.  I know she is not the easiest horse to work with but the fact that she's allowed us to go where we have with her just thrills and excites me. The whole process has been really fun for me. Challenging, yes, but also fun and I know most folks would have given up on her, but I just can't do that.  Thanks again."  – Ann Yoshioka, Hamilton, MT

  • "I really learned a great deal from you this summer and want to take more lessons.  I am much stronger and he is staying quieter.  I think my seat is deeper in the saddle." – Dr. Valerie Knudsen, Missoula, MT

Elizabeth (Liz) Tukey

Cedar Ridge Equestrian
14506 30th Street SE                       
Snohomish, WA  98290

425-293-6943 (Cell)